How To Set Up Your Space

No equipment is necessary. All you need is a high-speed internet connection, a computer or tablet with a webcam, and a little bit of space.

Your Device + Your Workout

A device equipped with a webcam. You can work out from your smartphone but the experience won't be as great. You can also connect your device to your tv and see us on the big screen. Before your session, log in and go to "My Schedule" and click on the session time you're joining.

The Connection

A high-speed internet connection is very important. If you don't have good internet, you can still join us but your video feed may be affected. You will need a minimum upload and download speed of 5 Mbps.

Live Video Sessions

You'll be prompted to complete a quick, one-time download to access our live trainer. When the time comes for your session, log in at, go to "My Schedule" and click on the time of your workout.

Workout Space

A space about 8 ft. x 8 ft. ideally, so your trainer can see you from head to toe. Try to place your device on a table or object so that you are in full view. Depending on your space you may need to tilt your screen up or down for standing/floorwork.


A yoga mat, if you're more comfortable on one, or if you have hard floors. Don't forget to wear workout clothes and running shoes and a water bottle!


If you feel technologically impaired like some of us often do, contact us and we'll help you!

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