New Year, Same You?

03 Jan Posted by boldr in

First of all, a very Happy New Year to you! Hoping you had lots of time to recharge and relax. I’m heading home after a couple of weeks out west with my family and a few days in a cozy chalet with one of my best friends, our kids and husbands, and plenty of wine. We made a snowman after an unexpected snowfall (it’s Vancouver Island, this rarely happens!), walked on the beach and ate delicious meals.

January always makes me feel two ways: weirdly let-down after all the celebrating and fun of the holidays and, conversely, excited to make plans and goals for the upcoming year.  Do you like resolutions?  People are always in two camps about it, love or hate em.

In the past I have given myself long lists of accomplishments I want to achieve and goals I “need” to reach by a certain time. I often thrive on completing a to-do list but this year I’m changing it up big time. At boldr we’ve begun to realize that small changes and goals are the way to go. Why? Small changes can easily add up to big ones, small goals don’t feel overwhelming and daunting and reaching a small, measurable goal gives a quicker sense of accomplishment. Expecting to drastically change your routine, your life or yourself just because January has rolled up is problematic on many levels. There’s enough pressure in this world!

Simon knows what’s up.

For 2018 my goal is very simple: move every single day. Of course having personal trainers at the ready means I should be in the best shape possible but confession time: it was a very busy last couple of months, and I have let my fitness routine slide. I’m also a mom of a busy toddler, am about to move and have a demanding work life so I’m not going to beat myself up. I am, however, going to make sure I fit fitness into my day every single day in 2018. Some days will be my boldr workouts, and some days maybe I’ll just have time for a series of dynamic moves, squats, pushups, crunches, etc. or a brisk walk to pick up my son at daycare. In short, it’s a new year, but it’s not a new me. Same me, more moving. Sounds simple and two days in it’s not feeling hard to achieve at all, it’s feeling fun.

We’re ready for you, 2018!

Stay tuned for our nutritionist’s take on resetting in January and of course, more expert fitness advice from our trainers!