Meet Our Trainers

There is no faster way to reach your fitness goals than with our personal trainers.

  • Get real results quickly
  • Stay motivated + accountable
  • Get correction + prevent injury
  • Gain strength + lose body fat
  • Increase flexibility + stability
  • Gain energy + improve mood

Yana Gushchina

Yana has vast experience in the fitness world and has taught everything from Zumba to personal training to lifestyle management. Extensively educated both in Russia and in Canada, she has worked with clients from every walk of life including those with physical restrictions. A natural motivator, Yana loves to push people to do their own personal best and always has a new move up her sleeve to keep it exciting. Don't be fooled by this one's friendly smile, her workouts are no joke!

Paul Selby

Paul has been Personal Training for over a decade, and is an expert in helping people reach their goals. He first started his career because he saw physical and mental changes in himself as a result of his training and wanted to share that feeling with others. He believes in a focus on over-all health and wellness including nutrition, cardio, mobility and strength work. Highly motivating and energetic, Paul has experience working with people of all fitness levels, as young as 10 and as old as 80. “What I love about training is that you get out what you put in. There’s confidence that comes from knowing and seeing that!”