Meet Our Founders

Shouldn't it be easier? Struggling at home with a fitness app or paying huge gym fees shouldn't be the only options. We created boldr because we want fitness to be fun, friendly, affordable and convenient.

Leslie Richardson

I'm a yo-yo'er. My weight, strength and body shape are always changing.  I'm not trying to be a supermodel, but I do have more energy, feel better and sleep better when I'm active. And as a new mother, being toned is important, those car seats are heavy!

Not that long ago, I had gained additional weight and wasn't feeling so great. I had tried it all, from boot camps to online videos, and I would workout like crazy for 30 days, lose 10 lbs, and feel good, only to end up at my original size within a few months.  It wasn't working.  Determined to get it right, I went to the big box gym and spent a small fortune on a personal trainer.  This quickly went downhill for me too! Having to get up, brush my teeth, pick out an 'outfit', drive and park, then fork over $85/hour to see my trainer really frustrated me! While on the treadmill one day waiting for my tardy trainer, the idea of boldr came to me.  I wanted to workout at home.  I wanted to sweat and not worry about  looking pretty.

" I didn't want to spend a million dollars and I didn't want a simple workout taking 2 hours out of my day. For me, getting fit needed to be simplified, it was the only way I was going to be able to make a fitness plan and stick with it."

I hope you enjoy using boldr as much as I do! This time, I'm finally on track.


Jessica Lawton

I was always extremely active as a kid, but throughout my adult life I've gone through phases of never exercising and phases of lots of it.  14 years ago I moved to Toronto for university and gamely started using the university's gym a record (for me) 5 times a week. Unfortunately despite my hours at the gym, the cocktails and Deep n Delicious cake I was splurging on way too much with my roommates took a bit of a toll and I gained a few lbs. What gave? Diet of course, as my freshman-self didn't realize, but so did my lacklustre gym habits which I discovered I had when I hired a personal trainer a few years later.  Within 6 weeks  of using a trainer I noticed a huge difference in my body's performance and I had muscles back I hadn't seen in a decade.


Trainers get fast results, there's absolutely no question.  For me, having a personal trainer means I'm accountable to him or her and to myself and that ensures I show up. Now that I'm a new mom, staying healthy is even more important because it's no longer just about me.

" We all deserve a personal trainer monitoring us, pushing us and getting us into the best shape we can be, regardless of age or fitness level!"

When we created boldr we wanted to create a company that understands how busy you are, that fosters a non-intimidating environment with friendly trainers that kick your butt but make you want to come back each time, all at a great price point.  We think we've created just that and we know you'll agree.  Welcome to the boldr lifestyle! We're so glad you're here.