No More Excuses

We've compiled a list of all the common excuses for not working out and elimainated them. Your future fit self is welcome!


“I’m too busy”

Ah, busy-ness, a horrible condition we all suffer from at one point or another, sometimes chronically! We hear you loud and clear. The entire process of commuting to the gym, working out, showering, then finally getting on with your day can take hours. Eliminate the hassle, streamline your workout and let boldr come to you!


“I hit the gym all the time but I'm not seeing results.

We sympathize. When one of our founders was in university, she worked out 5 days a week, yet her body stayed the same. Years later she hired a personal trainer and her body's structure and shape noticeably changed in 6 weeks. Personal training works for a reason; you'll never work yourself as hard or as effectively as a certified trainer will. There's a reason professional athletes and celebs hire personal trainers. Now you can too.


“The gym/my class is too far away so I don’t go”

Of course you don't. This is the ingenious key to the boldr solution. If you have 45 minutes, a device and the internet, then you are ready to let boldr come to you! What are you waiting for?


“Gyms are too expensive for me”

Amen! Between gym memberships, private sessions or the newest craze in classes, being in shape is incredibly expensive. We believe investing in our bodies is important, but we like to have a little cash left for the vacation fund, and we're guessing you do, too. boldr is affordable and effective. Work out with us and see the difference; we have packages starting at $8/ session. At that price, you can't afford NOT to join us!


Gyms intimidate me

We've heard this one a lot. Not knowing how to use the equipment, or feeling intimidated by fitness models or leering creepers shouldn't be a deterrent to working out, but the reality is that it can be. It's time to get your confidence built and your body moving. You can do it at home, with no equipment. We got you!


“I’m already in shape!”

All the power to you! Get on board with our quick workouts that are designed to be effective for any fitness level. You'll be sweaty, sore and even stronger in no time.


“"I’ve never worked out before”

Welcome, newbie, you're going to love how you feel! Our trainers can accommodate any fitness level. Luckily for you, we have the easiest way possible to challenge yourself, change your body and get results at an affordable price.


“I like to workout at random times of the day. You won't fit my schedule”

Not so fast! Not everyone works the standard 9-5 these day., This we know! Our members can choose from various options that include live sessions at all times of the day and plenty of pre-recorded video workouts for when inspiration hits.


“I get bored”

Well this is an easy one. With boldr you won't have time to get bored. What you will get is a dynamic, exciting workout that gets your muscles burning and your heart pumping. Our trainers are constantly updating sessions to keep things interesting. Ready?


“I’m too tired”

We promise that if you sit on your couch and have another snack you will stay tired. However, if you fit a boldr workout into your daily or weekly routine, new energy awaits you! Your doctor, your mom and we at boldr are all right: people who exercise live longer and have more energy.


“I don’t want someone watching me”

You're shy. Or you're in your sweatpants. So what? Ditch the make-up, throw those dirty sweats on and get to work with our boldr trainers! They'll see you, but they're working for you and they don't judge. Our class sizes are limited to 6 people total who all want the same thing you do: a quick and effective way to get their fit on.


“I’m scared of failing at it again”

So you've gained weight. Or maybe you were once a high level athlete now participating solely in beer olympics with the boys. If you commit to boldr, you will see and feel a difference in your body. What's that saying, you miss 100% of the shots you don't take? Give us a shot, your first session is on us.

Ready to be boldr?